• All Wheel Drive
  • V10
  • 4 Speed Transmission
  • Drive from the center differential
  • Clutch Gears
  • Step forward transmission design.

This is the Follow-up to the Supercar Deluxe that I did back in 2006. As seen here.  I consider these Deluxe Supercars since they have Unique All-Wheel-Drive chassis along with transmissions, full steering along with H.O.G. and opening/closing functions which most of the other cars that I have done do not. I also used much more advanced techniques to achieve more rounded curves and simply just spent more time constructing these 2 models than any other ones that I have done in the past.

My primary goal was to push as many functions into a 1:10 scale car as I could while maintaining the "Lego Code" I also wanted to try and do something different with a transmission that I had never done before, which was to have an All Wheel Drive car with the Front Wheel Drive axle pass directly between the transmission driving rings to avoid having to re-route around or below the transmission... I spent about a month tinkering around with different designs until I got it perfect... While the transmission isn't anything groundbreaking as far as number of speeds(4 speed) and doesn't have reverse, I am very pleased that I did reach my intended goal....

Could I have squeezed the standard 5 Speed into this? Of Course, but I would have added a couple studs of extra width which in turn would have thrown off the dimensions of my 1:10 scale that I was shooting for... The functions are basically simple.. There are 2 Black Gears on the rear deck lid that open each respective door by rolling them forward and closing them by rolling them backwards... The Rear Spoiler mechanism is raised by rolling a gear between the seats Forward, and lowers it by rolling it backwards... The hood doesn't open by any mechanism... I originally intended it to work off of some type of switch, but I simply ran out of room with everything that I had going on in the front... I also incorporated many of the new CV Axle Joints into this model both in the "Hand of God" Steering and front axle drive, and of course in each of the 4 axles going to each wheel... I know many people will look at this and say "Why does he always build the same thing?" Well, I have spent more time on this model and have done more different things here than I have with any previous models that I have built... This is also the first time that I have built an All Wheel drive car without the front and rear drive-trains being on the same plane...

I had to make the front drive axle a stud lower than the rear drve axle to incorporate the V-10 Engine to keep the engine compact into the chassis... So, in all this new car has: An All Wheel Drive Chassis with a Front mounted V-10 Engine 4 Speed Transmission with Gear ratios of: 1st     1/1 2nd  .60/1 3rd   .33/1 4th   .20/1 . First number is the input going into the transmission from the engine and the Second number is the output from the transmission to the center differential. Hand of God Steering with working in car steering Full independent suspension for each wheel Opening doors that are operated from the rear deck lid(Worm gears are used) Rear spoiler that can be raised and lowered with a rolling switch between the seats(Worm gear is used)  I am currently building a second chassis and waiting for some new Copper Chromed wheels to get a video together to give everyone a better sense of how some of the functions and transmission actually work...

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Supercar Deluxe2
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Instructions for my Model were Prepared and Designed by Jurgen Krooshop and Eric Albrecht

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Update 15-2-2013

The Supercar Deluxe 2 Steelers Charity Auction ended today on Ebay!!!

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